Thursday, February 25, 2010

Suggestions for EDU-533

I'm repeating myself, but I strongly believe a "master tool list” would be an extremely helpful “take away” from this course. This list would serve as a fast and easy reference guide to the many sites/applications learned through our class lectures and text book. The list need only include a web address, name, and brief description. Returning to the course links or the “World Is Open” index for this information is cumbersome. The "master list" could be a Google Doc or some form of open document built and maintained collaboratively by students and teacher. To maximize its effectiveness, the list would include only those tools (sites, applications) that we as pre-service teachers collectively feel we might or would use in-service.

I would also recommend inviting 2-3 guest speakers over the duration of the course to speak to the class about real-life experience with and application of technology in education. These guest speakers would be current, in-service teachers with an array of experience. Perhaps one speaker would be a “techie” who finds multiple ways to use technology regularly in the classroom and also has the resources available to do so. Another speaker might share his experience with having little access to technology in his school. I also think it would be tremendously helpful to have a panel of teachers from various content areas and grade levels (a primary and secondary teacher each in English, Science, Math, Social Studies) to speak briefly on how they use technology in their individual content area classrooms.

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