Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who's with me?

I think a hugely helpful "take away" from this course would be a master list (a Google doc or Word doc) of the educational technology tools we were introduced to throughout the course, including a web link and brief definition/explanation of each.

The document might layout like this, for example:

Tool #1: Quizlet
Use: make and share flashcards online; print flashcards; self-quiz

Tool #2: VoiceThread
etc etc etc

This would be a similar resource to Jim Moulton's site which JonKNH shared with us all on Twitter last week.
(By the way, Jon, thanks...I found this an invaluable reference!)

What do you guys think? Should we ask Dave if this is something he or WE could compile? Feel free to comment. I'll probably mention this in class this week as well. Thanks!


  1. I agree Emily. I am embarrassed to say I have little "website" notes jotted all over the place. A master list would be very helpful.

  2. Love your idea! I too, like Marlene, have all these notes written about great tools and sites as I come across them. A list would be wonderful.

  3. Great idea!! A google doc would be ideal so we can all edit it and add resources that we find..

  4. I love this idea! I already have a pretty scrappy Word doc where I'm compiling links and lesson plan ideas for English specific classes, but a tool list would be a great idea. Maybe organized by subject or grade levels?